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EFRI Fund I – Junk Token & Bail-Out

A New Generation Of Investors

After the ICO Hype 2017 and 2018, between 50 and 80 million people worldwide have invested in tokens and cryptocurrencies. Some $30 Billion have been invested into public ICOs. The new phenomenon associated with crypto investments is its global nature. While in the past penny stocks and public-listed startup companies have been a North American domain, the tokenization enables companies and investors from all countries to participate in the global financial markets. The tokenized financial markets are multi-cultural, multi-jurisdictional, and highly efficient.

The Depressive Market Is Our Friend

Currently, more than 2,100 tokens and coins are listed on CoinMarketCap as digital assets. The majority of these digital assets have little liquidity and must be classified as junk tokens. Some of these junk tokens will turn out to be winners and others will disappear. The situation on the crypto exchanges can currently be compared with the penny stocks environment on the North American exchanges. Many investors are currently trapped in their tokens and cannot sell them for lack of liquidity.

EFRI Token – An Liquid Digital Asset

The EFRI Funds I is designed as a junk token fund that offers investors of other tokens to exchange their tokens for EFRI tokens. Each EFRI Token is covered by one share of the EFRI Fund (EFRI Digital Assets Holding Ltd). Legally and financially, an EFRI token is thus a proxy for a share and is endowed with the corresponding rights. The EFRI token is traded on regulated exchanges.

EFRI Fund intends to become one of the first globally acting tokenized investment fund.

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