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EFRI Fund Security Token

In its very essence, each EFRI Token is a proxy for a share in the EFRI Fund (EFRI Digital Asset Holding Ltd) and thus to be qualified as security token. Consequently, each EFRI Token bears the rights associated with a share:

  • Voting rights in shareholder meetings
  • Right to receive dividends and distributions

Initially, 1 Million shares have been issued by the EFRI Fund (EFRI Digital Asset Holding Ltd). These shares will be handed over to a trustee with 1 Million tokens issued to the EFRI FUND founders for further distribution.

The not yet finally agreed initial EFRI Token distribution:

  • EFRI Founder team: 20%
  • EFRI FUND for investment purposes: 80%

The EFRI Tokens will be used as a means of payment to acquire junk tokens or prime tokens for the fund.

The EFRI Token shall be listed on a regulated crypto-exchange in Q1 2019 based on many token holders and trader.

To achieve the goal of a broad and active token holder base, the EFRI FUND plans to do a “Airdrop Campaign” exchanging up to 10% of its issued tokens against Dead Tokens. This should not only give the EFRI FUND a positive reputation but also drive many token holders into the EFRI Token.

Having access to some 200,000 retail investor in the FOREX and crypto space, the EFRI Token should be able to generate the respective liquidity and thus become an attractive asset.