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Introduction To The EFRI Fund

The EFRI FUND team has been in the crypto-space for more than 5 years and has extensive experience and resources for online investment projects. Besides other resources, EFRI FUND has access to some 200,000 online retail investors and institutional investors.

The market for crypto assets is currently characterized by a depressive (bearish) mood. In the course of the massive ICO hype in 2017, more than 2,070 coins and tokens have been created and listed on various crypto-exchanges.[i] For the purpose of this document we refer to cryptographic “coins” running on their own blockchains and cryptographic “token” as “tokens” or “crypto-assets”.

It is estimated that the majority of these are so-called “Dead Tokens” have no viable project behind them and hence no future value. Additionally, there are many questionable “Junk Tokens” which may or may not deliver future value to their holders. In the current depressive market environment, it’s hard for investors to distinguish between shit tokens and junk tokens. Finally, even the good coins and tokens – we call it the “Prime Tokens” are currently down because of the post-collapse market environment.

The idea of the EFRI Fund is to tokenize its shares, list the resulting EFRI Token on a regulated exchange and exchange it (acquire with it) against Junk Tokens and Prime Tokens. This exchange mechanism corresponds to that of classical ETF’s which typically acquire assets with their own shares via so-called “baskets”. Through the EFRI token, the EFRI Fund is supposed to absorb other coins and tokens and thus consolidate the highly fragmented market.

[i] Source: CoinMarketCap, Link: