EFRI consists of the two synergetically linked elements EFRI FUND and the EFRI NGO:

  • The EFRI FUND is operated by EFRI Asset Management Ltd and has the task of providing funds to fight cybercrime and recover stolen investor money.
  • EFRI NGO is a Vienna registered non-profit association founded by cybercrime victims and has two main objectives
    • Recovery of stolen funds through litigations and out-of-court settlements
    • Cybercrime prevention: Creating a secure cyberfinance environment by establishing regulatory measures.

The EFRI FUND, a subsidiary of CyberIntelligence Services PLC, has a corresponding funding agreement with the EFRI NGO. Within this agreement EFRI FUND provides that the EFRI FUND provides the EFRI NGO with the necessary funds for its activities and operations.

Preventing cybercrime, support victims to recover their funds, and to further a safe cyberfinance is our raison d’être.

elfriede sixt co-founder


Whistleblowers are the central element in the fight against scammers; online fraudsters, and cybercrime. Regulatory authorities such as the SEC or CFTC have long recognized this.

For our CYTELNET too, whistleblowers are the strongest weapon in the fight against cybercrime. Therefore the EFRI FUND provides the means to operate a Whistleblower Program through which whistleblowers are rewarded for useful tips. A part of the recovered funds for defrauded investors is also fed into the Whistleblower Program.